Vietxuangas – Introduction

Among about 20 enterprises operating in gas production, import and distribution in the country, Viet Xuan Industrial Gas Joint Stock Company VietxuanGas brand is proud to be the leading domestic company in supplying gas products and equipment of VietxuanGas gas industry providing a wide variety of gas products including special gas rarely medical, when pure, when mixed, gas analyze in experiments …

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With the mission of providing real quality comparisons, always ensuring safety, giving customers the peace of mind and satisfaction when using gas products and services because of a commitment to providing products. The best quality, the most variety, the most reasonable price, the most professional service, comparing the supply to the customer are carefully researched with the serious work of a team of highly qualified experts. .

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With the increasing demand for qigong as currently, VietXuangas has expanded, the scope of service to domestic customers supplying gas and gas industry equipment to thousands of units is manufacturers. Export, laboratories, research in all fields such as chemicals, metallurgy, chromatography, medical gas power transmission semiconductor engineering, seafood processing and so on, Serving potential customers, raising the brand, getting the brand closer to the international market, constantly improving technology, investing in modern equipment, equipping the right quality measurement system. standards, building an advanced production management system, training and developing a team of skilled and professional technicians in all aspects Thanks to that, Vietxuangas has the capacity to carry out all orders from simple gas like common gas to complex gas like mixing gas as ingredients of ultra-pure gas, so customers’ requirements with large inventory and diversified products. To meet the needs of customers, delivery and quickly with full documents attached such as QA, QC, QOA, for more information about products Vietxuangas offers, please Access to website is very pleased, to cooperate and accompany with customers for a long time. All inquiries as well as requests for industrial gas supply. Please contact Hotline 0 9 1 3 5 3 2 5 6 8 0 9 7 1 0 7 0 3 8 3 to the company’s headquarters at Ngoc Dong Da Ton Gia Lam, Hanoi for answers and supply

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